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RESTING and TRUSTING - Thought for Today by Pastor Linda

I've missed a few days doing the "Thought for Today" because my phone crashed and had to get a new one. I create the "Thought for Today" on my phone. Praying they come out with the new Samsung Notes soon! :)
I also had a CFC Women's Retreat this past weekend which God did AWESOME things in and through the women. The Lord is so good and it's so good to have fellowship with other women of God. Nothing else like it in the world! 

I'm starting a webinar/video/audio conference call for women. If you'd like to be a part of it. Please let me know.
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Today's thought is about RESTING and TRUSTING the Lord.
First, you have to come to the Lord or return if you've gone away from Him. Then, learn to rest and trust Him. He's able to take care of you. In quietness and trust - that's where you'll find your strength. Notice He said YOUR strength. In resting and trusting the Lord - not striving - that's w…