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Wow! What an amazing week in Mexico!

We visited 7 churches on Sunday alone!
I shared the vision for Bible schools in Mexico
at two pastor's meeting with approximately
85 pastors. They shared what the school has meant to them. One said his church has grown
so much they had to get a new building and now they are out growing that building!

We went to the mountains and brought two
TV's so they could start a Bible school.
The pastor told us a couple months ago someone came
to their village and prophesied someone from the North - the USA was coming to help - then we showed up! We set them up with a TV and bible school books  and video lessons.

We set up four new schools while there and have lots more who want to get started with a school in their church.

We need TV's, money for Bible school book printing and sponsorship for students.
Many people make just a few dollars a day,
so they need help to pay for tuition.

Please pray about helping!

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